Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Happy Voting Day!!!! Let your voice be heard no matter whom you are voting for.  Stand for what you believe in.  Remember to vote in style.  I have decided to share my top picks and share on the blog.  Hope you all enjoy!! 

All I can do.... is suggest and HOPE people will like what I suggest....This is my sentiment exactly when I am designing.  I had fun making this skirt about 2 months ago.  I'm really in love with it.  This number can be worn so many different ways and the plus is you can rock it all year around.  (Borrowed from my "NO CLIMATE COLLECTION").  Today's picks or rather accessories and beauty products range from Asos shoes (OMG!!! I so heart anything Asos) to Dior beauty Products.  They are all nothing shy of being divine.  I personally am rocking a steal version of that Dior nail color. The gorg. men's watch i-sss to die for (not please don't try it at home)  Tomorrow I will have different pairings for the same EL African Print floor length banded hem skirt.  I love both shoes so had to post both.  This is when more is more, and great of course!!

Let me know what top you would adorn this EL African Print floor Length skirt with?  The skirt is currently on tour, and I patiently wait to see what top she decided to adorn.  Below I had to show you all a zoomed in pic of the watch so you would all see why I am crazy about it.  Very innovative I would say.. 

Love you guys...and enjoy your Tuesday.  I would wear this look to the voting polls.  Yessss why not vote in style??  Remember stay sweet, love until you can't love anymore.  What do you want to be remembered for after it's ll said and done with??? Love I Hope!!!


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