Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday I didn't get to check off anything off my To-Do-List, now I am playing catch up.    I have never been that girl that plans ahead of time when it comes to my wardrobe.  Maybe I should start, but I think I am not at the liberty of my right side of my brain.  I am so for the moment that it sometimes scares me.  

The Unpologetic listening party was the reason behind me not being able to check off my to-do-list.   I couldn't take any pictures because everyone had to check in all electronic devices before entering the 40/40 club. Every time someone; celebrity or not compliments my creative ideas I feel such a sense of accomplishment because like I have said before... All I can do is suggest and hope that people like what I am suggesting.  When Rihanna stopped to compliment the duds it was very humbling.  On my way to 40/40 I had on a different EL coat and this white girl ran to sit next to me on the train and she kept screaming how hot I looked.  I really think I am ready now to put my work out there in the different stores.  I really think it is time for a fashion PR team.  I have been called Miss Fashionista on the New York streets more than I can count and this reassures me  that people actually do want what I'm suggesting.  I am humbled and grateful for the gift that the LORD blessed me with.  I am striving to use my gift to glorify his name, because it is HE who blesses my path.

Below is a look from my collection that would be perfect for this season.  As those invitations are coming through and you are not sure what to wear and all you know is you want to look different from everyone else..... EL is the place for you.   Email or call me with all your holiday wardrobe needs.  I will be more than happy to suggest...

Below is my Spring short skirt with a matching cape.  I have paired it up with my favorite accessories ranging from Marc Jacobs to Asos.


Love you guys much and again thanks for stopping by...   Until next time lets all love while we can and be afraid to show love.

- Evelyn (pronounced Eve - lyn)