Sunday, September 30, 2012

EL Spring 2013 and the baby blues take over....

I have been missing for a little over a week.  No blogging equates to a loud roaring sound of this invention called a sewing machine.  Yessss!! I have been glued to my sewing machine except for bathroom, and shower breaks.  So, last night September 28 was the first show at the Midtown Loft & Terrace on Fifth Avenue in Midtown.  I collaborated with a celebrity hairstylist Kiam.  The show started off rocky and I was getting the models to get out of my clothes as I attempted to walk off because it was just so much confusion and I just couldn't take it.  I was a big sport and stayed.  I was glad I did because none of the guests knew how chaotic it was in the back.  Shows are always chaotic, reminded me of my very first showcase in October 2008.  It was a great turn with some Viacom execs, Vibe Mag and many others in attendance.  Coco and Breezy came through to support.  THere was an amazing performer who opened the show.  He closed with a Miguel cover...of course I was a little biased because I love me some Miguel and besides I am eagerly waiting to see Miguel performing in concert.  Show did start late, so I didn't make my other show.  I attempted to have 2 shows in the same night.  "Don't try this at home" EL disclaimer...  On the other hand I am looking forward to my Hello NY show as I formally introduce myself to NY.  This is going to be an EPIC event as I showcase not just my SS '13 looks but also all my strong pieces from my previous collections.  The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic as I cast models, fit models, pick a glam squad and secure a venue.

I missed my daughter's first dance performance.  Craziest thing is I dreamt getting ready, making it an' all and as we were heading home.. I wake up from the dream. kinda like the pee dreams when you were a kid.  I immediately call my daughter and she tells me she's performed already :-(((.  I failed as a mother today.  I was so tired from not sleeping in a week that I even fell asleep with a handful of jelly beans which I woke all stuck on shoulder.  I really thought the world was under attack when I felt something on me.

Some of the looks from my Spring 2013 during a fitting

Rewind a week and a half back...  I got a nice visit from the A.   I am still hoping I don't wake up from this if it was a dream.  He pushed me to move to NY and so it was only right for him to be the first visitor from the A.  The week ended with my daughter and I taking the weekend to go and surprise my girl Greater in MA.  We have been friends since the 4th grade.  As we drove into Dorchester in Boston I immediately got the urge to watch Mystic River again.  I got to meet her hubby for the first.  I swear my girls have the best hubbies ever.  My 1st annual hubby of the year awards go to Greater, Esi, Ayanna and Tasha's hubbies.  My hubby will be on the 2nd annual award...wink wink..

Well below are my baby shower excursion pics from the time we got there to taking pics admiring the 24 acres of land my girl's house sits on.  The view is to die for.  I could just sit in the kitchen window or back porch and sketch for days at a time.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The positive energy can be felt through the pics.  The trip was way too short.  Everybody was nice especially her mother-in-law below in the peach. I have never in my life met a person that had such a pleasant spirit.  I fell in love with her.

Arriving at the Baby Shower and Pic with Greater's mother-in-law and her niece

I had to kiss Lucy in the oven during her final baking stage, Greater's aunts , Step mother-in-law, friends, and  the funniest ex-mother-in-law ever.  She kept me laughing

Once again, thank you for your visit.  

Love you all so dearly and please surround yourself with positive people and let others see the Christ in each and everyone of you.  Spread love and make the world a better place and remember to glorify who gave each and everyone of us our talents.

- Evelyn Lambert


Fashion Guru Rule said...

It took me long enough to figure out how to comment on here...I pray for I must say your work is AWESOME...I can say I'm a true are most definitely inspiring me to get back into at least sketching...I wouldn't say sewing is my thing but great work...wishing you more success than you could even ask for


Thank you for visiting and thanks for the well wishes. I wish you nothing less. I love your sketches just as much. I am glad you have picked up the sketch pad back up. Show them what you are made of.