Monday, October 1, 2012

Behind The Scene Interview

I got a chance to shoot some footage as I was working the other day.  Carlos took this footage to test out my camera while D was working on the actual footage for my new website coming soon.   Thanks to both Carlos & D. D is such a team off work and instead of going all the way out to Staten Island he came straight from Manhattan to Brooklyn without getting any sleep and thanks to Carlos for coming out to help.  Carlos is one dude that is forever positive, just like Ryan only with Ryan we have connected on a spiritual level.  You have to love that.  I promise you all...having positive people around you is such a great feeling.  Once you go positive you never go negative..that peace of mind is free seize it.  I have learnt that only hurt people hurt others.  When you are in a good place only positive thoughts take over.

Today I got to run to Downtown Brooklyn to the library with my baby for a quick sec.  One thing I just love about taking the subway instead of driving is the ability to just read.  There is nothing like just feeding your brain.  Now about the artwork that's in front of the library.... just a....mazing.  I couldn't resist taking pictures to share with you all.  I also took pics of the Barclay Center after the grand opening concert.  I took pics when I first moved here when they were still working on the stadium and now seeing people actually in lines going in...I can't even start to imagine how Jay Z is feeling.  Seeing where he grew up and where he is now is only confirmation that if you want something you have to go and get it.  They say...if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere.

On our way from the Brooklyn Library we stopped at a local ice-cream place that makes their own ice cream. As we were leaving I decided to give a lady my business card but when I checked in my bag I realized that I had left them on my bed.  I remembered seeing one in my friend's car so I ran back out and her reaction when she looked at the picture on my card is what I live for.  It turned out she went to school for fashion but is in marketing now.  By the time I got home I had a very touching encouraging email from her with a lot of leads.  I continue being placed in the right places at the right time.  My friend had promised my daughter some ice-cream so I suggested Cold Stone ice-cream but my friend wanted to go and support their friend's ice-cream place that just recently opened. If not I would have missed out on the great leads.  God is amazing and I will continue to praise him.

Tatyanna in front of the beautiful artwork at the Brooklyn Library

Jay Z's stadium 

As always..... Talk to you guys next time.  Now you have seen my work space, next I will show you guys how I actually sew.

Love you all and again stayed positive and blessed.

One love!!!!

- Evelyn....